the right words

There always comes a time when we need to choose words. To wisely line them up in a meaningful way, something worth the way. It might be the wedding of a friend, a job request, or a love declaration, in all these cases some of the best words are often our struggle, the story to […]

planning and doing

Many people plan, some people do. It’s a big difference between the benevolent friend who will “surely call you next time” but won’t, and the one who does. Doing requires will, focus and dedication, it requires putting yourself on the line, while planning only requires words. Planning is required, but it’s not enough.

the harsh truth about harsh truths

Lately Hacker News has added some rules to their guidelines regarding the “gratuitous negativity”. We’ve all been there, a friend asks for our opinion on a subject of his/her interest, and we give the harsh truth. Too harsh, probably. The idea won’t work It’s horrible I can’t even watch it Seriously? etc… are just a […]

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