living with guilt

I feel guilty sometimes. This usually happens when shit happens, like arguing, like a bad discussion. I would have never wanted to live a situation like a harsh argue, but who would? Every time it happens I wonder if I could have been better, and every single time the answer is yes, I could’ve done […]

we should plan for life

Today I thought that we too often forget to plan for the life we want and desire. Many things we need aren’t actually very needed, and in fact we can trade much of them for things that are way better in our life. Planning requires making choices, defining what you want and work towards making […]

1% every day

Today I started a new journey towards a small side project, one that could really change many parts of my life. I might fail badly, but it will be an experience that’s worth the try. When I think about it I always recall that old advice: “just improve 1% every day, and by the end […]

is it better to respect our time or other peoples time?

I am always stuck with this question. The answer is quite obvious: Our time should be more precious, mostly because it’s our life that we are talking about. But I can’t stop thinking that we should respect other people’s time more. Take this example: You’re commuting to work, but there’s a long queue. Up ahead, […]

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