good marketing gives, bad marketing steals and the shortcuts are evil

Some years ago I was very skeptical of marketing and to some extent I still am. But after reading Ogilvy “On Advertising” I discovered the many faces of marketing, the good one and the bad one. Given the fact that the practical goal of marketing is to increase revenue (well, usually), it’s easy as a […]

triple backups and security

The more the internet is in my life, the more I feel giving control to the web might create some unforeseeable issue in the future. Much like the issue behind the stealing of the “n” username in twitter, I feel like we can lose it all in a glimpse. All of our web identity, code, […]

no complain day

There should really be a “No complain day”. A day we’re not allowed to complain in any way( not even in our minds ). What could be done in that day, how would your perception of the world shift? No complaining doesn’t mean you shouldn’t state your opinion, it means to clear up ego and […]

you don’t need to say that you’re great

In the past I was sure that reinforce the value that we feel we have was a good idea. Writing that we are good, that I am so good doing this or that, bla bla bla, could improve your self-esteem. That’s right, and it’s usually well-documentent. You can find plenty of books that will give […]

we all have the impostor syndrome (and it sucks)

If you don’t know what the impostor syndrome is, well, check it out on wikipedia, but in any case the Impostor syndrome can be summarized by the fact that you can’t internalize accomplishment. “I am not worthy of this” Is probably the phrase your mind uses. As always, shit happens, and we feel impostor even though […]

mindfulness and the joy of living

I often think about the “things we do too fast”. Like eating for example. How many times did I ate something without tasting it? Too fast to understand its flavour, too fast to perceive its consistency? Too many. Two days ago the same thing happened to one of my friends and yesterday while I was […]

cheap or durable?

The more time it passes the more I’m inclined to buy “durable” things. From clothing, to computer devices I started to see the benefits of something that will endure the test of time and will create less disposal and use less space. I don’t think buying cheap things is bad, I still buy them in […]

follow your dream

Life will change you, people will change you. The only way you can stay true to yourself is not by trying to be a static character, but to learn and dive into these unsafe waters. To do that you must follow your dream. Yesterday I went talking with a person who reminded what the “follow […]

fighting, hating, and the energy you lose

We all need energy, to move, to talk, to sleep. We need it to ensure that our relationship are healthy, and although we know this, we tend to dissipate our energy from time to time. How? Hating, fighting, etc. Every time you hate or start a harsh discussion, you  lose energy, you lose control, you […]

streaks and this blog

This blog started on december 28, 2014, mostly because I wanted to setup a new habit and because I wanted to improve my english writing. It all started with the book “What to do when it’s your turn” by Seth Godin, and it started because there were many things to say. Sometimes they were useless, […]

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