old errors

I find it easy to blame it on myself when things go wrong and I’m the main culprit. I guess many people do this way. What fascinates me is that my mind goes round and round and start thinking about things like “can we really learn from our errors?” Having written 2 days ago about […]

the price of idleness

The price of idleness is the same price you pay for lying. It grows on you. The more idle you are, the more idle you get. It’s not about laziness, it’s about not wanting to do, to try, to change. The price of idleness is the inability to have a past, because every day will […]

honor your word

The best way to improve what you say, to make sure that what you say will come “true” is to honor your word. There’s no shortcut for this, and honoring your word is very much a way to respect yourself and the people around you. If you say that you’ll help your friend cleaning up […]

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