beauty in the little things

Few minutes ago I was walking on the street and saw and Indian father playing outside with his child. She smiled and laughed. Right now in Italy there’s a lot of talking about immigration, as it always has been. Seeing this scene just reminded that we are all human, we are beautiful every time we […]

the daily life in a software product

One of the most needed features of any digital product is to consider the daily life of the user and anticipate his or her questions. The famous dashboard is often misused, but when it’s correctly done it can make a difference. Products like Facebook obviously solve this problem from another angle, but the goal of […]

the things we own

how many things do you own? If you were to fill a backpack with what you own that matters, what would you carry with you? I ask this question myself a lot, and part of my actual lifestyle revolves around owning less, not because of a zen-principle but both from a performance and usability point […]

building something real

Creating a physical product is much more different than creating a digital one. Involved in the creation there are countless different things. For a cosmetic, for example, we have to take into consideration the consistency given a specific temperature, how similar to a cream it is, the ingredients, and so on. Also, you have to […]

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