good questions are the key

The more time it passes, the more I’m sure about this: good questions are a turn key for many things. A great question allow people to have a spark in creativity or to go beyond, it can solve problems because of the different point of view inherently included in the question itself. Most of the […]

are you listening to complaints?

There are days when I listen to many complains.  Not that I want to, it just a happens. But what is the value of a complaint if the goal of the complaint is only complaining? Hardly a complaint can be useful. That’s what sound criticism is for. Complaining on the other side is mainly used […]

the beauty of open source

Just a small list of this related (or maybe not) to OS you learn you discover that behind that code, there’s a real human! in some cases the kindness of the maintainer is overwhelming the code never dies you learn and discover new ways to do things it’s beautiful when you get some help or […]

don’t be too hasty in solving problems

As a developer I am inclined to search for bugs and fix them. It’s normal for me to search for the problem, because part of my job is to solve it. When it comes to real life, though, this may be counterproductive. Searching for the problem and moving fast to issue a solution isn’t always […]

learning will question you

One of the things I learned today is about questioning yourself. If you care to learn, to move forward, you have to accept the fact that you will be wrong, that there will be some stances that won’t be right and that you will have in fact the need to change your opinions. Your opinions […]

don’t lose faith

Tension changes us. The turmoil inside us, with voices screaming inside our head, changes us. They change us because they change our priorities. Well, they don’t change those, but they change our perception of the priorities. They fool us into thinking there’s a bigger priority to follow. A more urgent matter. In my case it […]

the cheap way

I don’t know if it’s us italians or if it’s an international issue, but we tend to want the cheapest solutions. I thought about this when my mind wondered if I could get some small discount from a dear friend. I didn’t tell him, because in the end I realize that work is work, and […]

fear of the brand

I am writing the text for a new cosmetic product and I found that while I was joking in the text many friends got worried because I cited some big names (in a good, way). Everyone kept worrying so I naturally added some post scriptum to explain that, but is that right? I mean, instead […]

preparing vs improvising

In any trip there are the people who prefer everything settled out and the one who prefer to adjust to the situation. Your mileage may vary but I think that, S always, it’s good if you sit in the middle. Not too much improv not too much control. Enough for you to be surprised and […]

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