natural complexity

There are times when I hate technology. It’s when technology becomes Slow Inefficient Complex When things don’t work or are too slow or complex to find/understand, those are the times I wished to be a farmer. Nature is complex, but yet it feels ok, while the complexity of technology often leads to frustration. Why is that?  […]

recovering from a pause

When you take a pause from something (in my case this blog, because I was in japan and didn’t feel like writing it for that time), the hardest part is to take the rhythm. It’s like retuning yourself to your habits, because installing an habit is hard, losing it is easy. So the best thing […]

men and women perceptions

Looking at how ads are made and seeing how we differently react it’s hard for me to say that men and women are equals in term of perceptions.  I’m not talking about a better or a worst, but instead I refer to different take on the same fact. Men and women are different because they are […]

photos and real life

There are some photos I took today. I edited them all, sometimes with colors that are similar to what I was seeing, sometime with exaggerated saturation. Is it wrong or right? To me editing a photo is also a way to express a feeling, the way I was feeling at the time. While it sure […]

defying success

Recently I was talking to an old friend of mine that is in Japan. He’s a very smart guy and has really great goals. I couldn’t help but notice his interest for success, both in terms of wealth and appearance. I changed a lot of opinions about this topic. First I was all about the […]


This morning while preparing to leave Italy to Japan I noticed my Dropbox folder where I store any trip receipt/information. There were a lot of folders, not that many but enough for me to think that I traveled a lot.  To avoid forgetting I do a couple of things Keep a journal Take photos Do […]

october 2015 recap

October was a strange month. I was quite busy during that time, but found the time to be consistent about writing here, although I skipped a few days. Lots of the Writing is related to the company I’m somewhat trying to build, the Radici Toscane although I don’t state it in a single post. I must […]

on accepting chaos and following the path

Sometimes chaos seems unforgiving, you get the idea that beyond chaos there’s only failure. In those times it helps to find a helping hand, a friend or a mentor you can count on. Chaos is an excellent way to learn you skill because it unbalance you. The only thing you must stick to during those […]

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