natural complexity

There are times when I hate technology. It’s when technology becomes Slow Inefficient Complex When things don’t work or are too slow or complex to find/understand, those are the times I wished to be a farmer. Nature is complex, but yet it feels ok, while the complexity of technology often leads to frustration. Why is that?  […]

defying success

Recently I was talking to an old friend of mine that is in Japan. He’s a very smart guy and has really great goals. I couldn’t help but notice his interest for success, both in terms of wealth and appearance. I changed a lot of opinions about this topic. First I was all about the […]


This morning while preparing to leave Italy to Japan I noticed my Dropbox folder where I store any trip receipt/information. There were a lot of folders, not that many but enough for me to think that I traveled a lot.  To avoid forgetting I do a couple of things Keep a journal Take photos Do […]

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