are we all liars?

This morning I was speaking¬†with a colleague of my girlfriend and she was quite disappointed in humanity. Her take was that, whatever the person, we are all alone and very few people are worth considering. I partly agree with the fact that at the end we’re all quite egoistic people and that hardly anyone would […]

the shortcut syndrome

Yesterday I wrote a post on my Italian blog about how we now seek shortcuts too often. I have this syndrome too, and while I can’t blame the motivational video I watched in the past, I’m quite sure they have a role in this. Why am I talking about self-help topic? Because that’s where it […]


I believe in gratitude. I think being grateful is one of the best thing in life, although you must know that forcing yourself to be grateful doesn’t really count. You have to feel the gratitude, to express it deeply and freely within yourself first, and then to the world next. Otherwise we are just talking […]


I didn’t think netflix would have some inspiring title, but I was proven wrong. The Moving Art documentaries are somewhat magical because they show the beauty of nature without any commentary. To me this adds reality. I know that you learn less than what you’d learn on a common documentary, but isn’t nature something you […]

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