new study finds something that might be true

Have you ever thought about how many studies out there claim that there might be correlation between Y and Z ? I do and it scares me. Yes, there may be correlation, but we shouldn’t fantasize. We as humans are the founders of the scientific method yet we see this kind of generic statement all […]

to get more energy you have to do less

I’ve recently moved onto a part-time job. This requires me to do the same amount of work in 2/third of the time. No big deal, right? In fact I was sloppy and learned that I needed to better focus my energy. Together with this, there are many things I realized and discovered through dieting and […]

are we all numbers?

I just read a sad news about one of my relatives. He’s being transferred from a big company to a different one, after 35 years of working there. This can happen when you’re only a number. This is why big companies sometimes fail, because they grow to much and don’t know how to handle that […]

the power of your words and why we should all keep our promises

Have you ever broke a promise? I surely did, many times. And over time I started to realize that every time I broke one promise, my words were less powerful, less important, less serious. Keeping our word and promises is alike lying. The more you lie, the less your word is effective because people know […]

marketing and adaptation to change

Should you stick to the original plan if something isn’t working out as you expected or should you change accordingly? This seemingly simple question is often cause of debate, both internally and within people mostly because both answers are correct. Yes, sometimes you have to stick to the original plan, believe it till the end, […]

the 2 year habits change

I tend to change my habits every 2 years or so. Usually the main habits that are involved are food, breakfast, fitness related but that’s no rule. I like to experiment, that’s why I’m going to try and test new things every once in a while. What I’m experimenting now is the intermittent fasting and […]

back to present

Today I made some jokes with my brother. He was happy, we laughed a lot. Watching him, I realized that we need to get back to the present time more often. To be there. To be really present. To look, touch, see, hear, feel everything that our senses can perceive. This is not to be […]

I didn’t expect to be a geek

Nor to be a Nerd. In fact, I feel quite a normal person, with no inclination on any particular side. I have passions, photography, writing, that can’t be called a job because I do it for fun. I like to test myself (and this blog is proof), but aside from this, no, I didn’t expect […]

great marketing is invisible

This morning I was going to Milan for work and in the time between two train connections I stopped in a bar to take a cappuccino.  While drinking it I realized it was cold. Way too cold. It was 7am in the morning and outside it was freezing and one door of the bar was […]

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