the things you don’t know

In every job there are things you don’t know, part of the experience that transform into an expert derives from that information. The things you don’t know. Those things are also the one you forget because now you automatically use them, but at first they were unknown to you. They were the first building blocks […]

less services

Today I started migrating part of the things I’ve had on SimpleNote/Quip/Evernote to OneNote and iOS Notes. It’s strange because I wasn’t a fan of microsoft services, but OneNote is well done, works good, and even though the Typography is not the best in the class, it has the feature needed. This also led me […]

better organizations

Today we were talking about how to improve some internal communication inside the company and I wonder: How do things change inside big companies? I wonder what are the steps to a broader adoption of a tool. I suppose they all start small, unless they want to do a big mistake, but how does this […]

the harsh truth about self-improvement

When you talk about self-improvement what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Success, power, energy, happiness are just few of the words that might pop-up. What any self-help/improvement book doesn’t tell you is one hidden journey towards those goal. Everyone in this world has some negative side, some character that its too much. […]

what to say on a birthday

Years ago when it was someone’s birthday I would congratulate with him/her, nothing else. Birthdays, afterall, were just a day like the others to me, so it didn’t make any sense to add something to them. Today I still think that birthdays are normal days, but everything changed. I remember it all happened when a […]


We need order as much as possible because order is like hygiene to our body. Order cleans us and I don’t refer to political order or control of society. I mean it individually. Being in order, having house in order, allows us to free part of our mind, to be more efficient and dedicated to […]

fast and cheap

One thing I learned about businesses is that one of the worst situation is to have a customer that wants it fast and cheap. With this minds it’s hard for you to create true value for the user or even for yourself. Fast means to ignore errors, cheap means to choose cheap resolution. Anything cheap […]

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