how do you measure “life”?

“We act like an old couple” “They doesn’t seem to love each other” Both these two phrases are an example of how we measure the life we see. We measure it through pre-packaged ideas. When you look back, 50 years ago, everything is different, but everything also stayed the same because even then they had […]

when things change

When you grow older some things you loved aren’t that interesting anymore. Maybe you loved going out and watch a movie every thursday, maybe you loved going to the disco. What changed, how? Priorities, perspective, and deepness changes. Priorities because what was important before (finding a girl? being drunk? whatever) now it’s less important. Perspective […]

smile more

Today I saw a sad couple while I was in a supermarket. It was strange, but it made me realize the beauty of what we have. We live, we connect, we die. I know it sound stupid but today is a great day to make someone smile. Making other peoples happier should be our rule.

the temptation to give up

We all have the temptation to give up. To give up writing, to stop doing that diet, to not do our best. Giving up is always the easiest thing to do, that’s why our mind perceives it as a fast flawless solution. But precisely because it’s easy, it won’t be the best solution. The difference […]

spend less, earn more

Lately I’ve been fascinated by the idea of financial independence. Something I always tried to grasp but never got to achieve. One of the things you’ll see in reddit or forums about it, specifically if we are talking about “fast” financial independence, is that spending less is quite a good way to “earn” more money. […]

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