how to debug a problem, life, or whatever doesn’t work

Today was a great day at work. I managed to discover the origin of a bug that was quite tricky to find, at least for me. Bugs in software are very interesting because sometimes they go against any possible reason. This particular bug, in fact, seemed to appear randomly when we activated a component. It […]

the beauty behind seneca

These days I’m reading Seneca and it’s amazing. I mean there’s so much wisdom, knowledge, information to digest in his books that it really makes you wonder how was that possible. What was his performance? How would he talk? Even though we’re talking about different areas Seneca somewhat reminds me of Seth Godin, a man […]

those who seek the change

Those who seek the real change aren’t affected by fears, they have them, but fear won’t influence them so much. Those people are the one who are disruptive in a good way because they want a change that can be achieved by bending the rules, changing the game. From time to time we are those […]

the world is pricey, but you are the one choosing how much to pay

Some of our friends are marrying and it’s quite natura to think about how much money goes into a wedding. It’s a lot and it makes me think about it. Is that money something I would like to spend in case of my wedding? That’s obviously not my choice alone, but I got to ask […]

the road to perfection

To craft perfection (even though perfection doesn’t exist) you have to iterate under the right conditions. Don’t rush it, because rushing it will only show you the limit of taking things to fast. When you got time and mind, then you got a good solution.

is the kamikaze crazyness that much hard to explain?

We often say that it’s not imaginable how come that people could bomb themselves in the name of god, but is that hard? We think of it as an action without any solid ground, that no one with a little bit of rationality would consider, least think about it as a solution. Because anyone that’s […]

we live in a men’s world, a sex world

I say this as a man: the world has a too widespread “man-view”. Few days ago I was eating with my colleagues and I realized that many of the jokes made by men were all sexual. I’m not talking about sexual harassment, I’m just saying that they revolved around the common theme of sex. Some […]

would you judge yourself?

The hardest part of life is to learn to not judge and understand what’s behind a choice. While it is easy for us to judge others we are not incline to do the same to us, we tend to be protective of our choice, partly because we spent so much time on them that we […]

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