what if you skip?

It’s ok to skip, skip a lesson, or ignore a rule you’ve created, but what happens if you do? Skipping will become easier and easier, you will lose grip, energy, focus and ability. Skipping (or quitting) is never advised unless you want to do it indefinitely.

keep your promises

Promises are a real thing. Even though many of us might interpret them as volatile, less interesting, and sometimes feel they are a burden, they are not Promises are great element to define how much you respect your word, how much you care about what you say and how you say it. The way you […]

marketing without gifting

One of the things I’m learning as an entrepreneur is understanding when marketing works and when it’s fake. Many companies spend a lot in marketing and advertising. I respect them, but I find myself thinking that advertising makes the game more complex than it should. When you invest into a worthy product and you stand […]

the courage to be different

Remember those times when you thought about your parents and you thought “I can do better. I won’t become like them“. You knew that you could be different, that everything was clear and that you could improve it. It’s so easy right? But how do you really do that? How do you avoid changing into […]

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