2 virgins, wear something blue, wear a present, something granted, something yours

I am amazed by the enormous amount of things that goes into a wedding. Today I discovered that, at least here in italy, a woman should have 2 virgins make up her bed, and she should also wear something blue and a few other things. Very superstitious, isn’t it? In part I think that’s too […]

what to do with a home?

These days we are searching for a new home and it seems so difficult. not finding it, but finding the right balance between place, amenities, commodities. It’s like an equation that you’re not sure of the result. Choosing a home seems like an impossible result but I don’t give up, and we’ll surely learn along […]

the one thing I’ve learned from starting a business is that competition is not the way to go

I sell deodorants as a side job, and I mostly sell it to stores, physical or online stores. I’ve see many different people, people who didn’t pay for so little, people who were always anxious to get the products, people who would weight them. But to me, competition has been the thing that struck me […]

the devil in you

The devil in you says that you should catch the moment. It says that you have all the good reasons to do this. The devil in you says that you’re right, that you should be following your heart. The devil in you uses warm words to describe a dark thought. It calms you by using […]

through trial and error

Some experiences can only be done through trial and error, by trying and failing. We might not even succeed, but we must try, even if we are tempted by the whole system.  The hard part is to stay true to yourself at times when it’s more convenient to align with other people thoughts. Keep your […]

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