the big crash

Today I got hit. Not by a real crash, but from a situation I couldn’t in any way foresee. One of the worst situation. Now, in these cases you don’t have that much left. You wonder what will be left of you, what happens and what chances do you have to fix it. Shit happens, […]

the step between 90% and 95% 

In software development it’s quite common to think “I finished” and then discover that you’re far from finished. You still have to polish the result. And the funny thing is that finishing the last part of the work, that 5 or 10%, is much more difficult requires more focus and attention because you need to […]

what’s important and what’s not

What’s important requires you to not multitask. What’s important requires you to focus, to stay in line and work hard. What’s not important can be multi-tasked in the illusion of “I can do this together”. What’s not important will take your time but give nothing back. What’s important will ask for your full attention while […]

politics and sports

These days in italy there were elections. I once had very strong opinions about what I wanted to vote and so on. But after some time I became much more benevolent to other’s people opinion. The main reason for this is that I now recognize how much useless is spending time convincing other people of […]

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