the crazy and the small ones

We’re in a world of crazy people. We all are. And it’s quite hard to identify who’s really crazy and who’s not. Who lives in a dream, and who in the real life. Sometimes we find that the successful have lot to teach us, but we forget that they might be quite far from us […]

the one that sees the world is you

I watched “Chef’s Table” and one of the things that I noticed right away was how Massimo Bottura was very sensible to what was around him. I would not call him a workaholic but instead I would say that he was very creative and that creativity was always with him. He was the one that […]

we pay the consequences of our actions

I misbehaved in my life, and I’m not happy with it. I’ve done terrible things, made mistakes, and they’re all there, written in my past. I cannot change them, I cannot undo them. They’re there and they’re the trace I left in my early years. Some things I would’ve like to done them differently while […]

your fragility is your strength

Are there things that annoy you? I do have them, and from time to time I honestly get pissed off because of them. I’m fragile, meaning that my humor is fragile. Things happen in my life and my humor gets pumped up or down depending on who’s talking. But if I stop, breathe, and think […]

no way out

Not all moments in life will let you have an easy way out. In those moments keep thinking that there’s always a way out. Sometimes it’s hard to see it, but it’s there. Think about all the times in the past you felt like you’ve got no choice, now you know that you did have […]

selling the dream

While searching for a new home, I noticed how many people try to sell “the dream”. I didn’t expect to be so cautious about buying a house, but it seems it is. I put lot of attention and value what people say to me. One of the things that made me thinking was the “oh, […]

desire to change and run

How many times did you wanted to change your life? Many of the self-help books wouldn’t be there if you didn’t think about it at least once. But how many times that feeling was translated into a real action? and if so, why? Do we always need some kind of trauma to force us to […]

communication is key

I was checking out a product newsletter right now and I realized there’s so much to learn, so many things in a single email that one can get as takeaway. We should communicate more and more clearly, focusing more on creating wonders

the struggle for power

For every self-help book in the world there’s a man who seek power. Not the power you see in the movie, we are fragile beings, we don’t always seek that power consciously, but we do desire it. We want to get out of our cages, to be free of our limits. To have money to […]

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