on elections and the late-fixes

This sunday it will be election day here in the city where I live. What usually happens is that in the months before the elections the actual mayor tries his/her best to do all the work on the streets, fixing holes in the asphalt and so on. Every mayor does it and every citizen notice […]

what’s your plan?

Do you plan to always stay the same, or do you have a bigger goal, something that will be your future idea? What is that you want to achieve? We live our lives working and living a common life, but I think there can be more. Today my boss told me that in ten years […]

may 2016 monthly checkup

May was a strange month, many things happened both from a business perspective and from a human one. The Deodorants business is growing and going strong. We still have some objections from time to time and we had some issues in the production of a new product, but all got fixed. My day job also […]

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