making contact

There are people that touched us. I believe that’s quite sad to be apart from them, and although life might have gave us different routes, we can still be in touch and ask, learn and connect. Side thing of the day: Sometimes you have to consider trash part of the work you’ve done before, because […]

the memories you forget

Few weeks ago I remember talking about an email I accidentally found out after a few years. It reminded me of the old times and so on. Today I understood the importance of having a journal, even if small, to remember things. There are so many events in a year, so many things to remember […]

don’t treat you well when you’re feeling down, do the oppositeĀ 

Today I took a nice coffee at the bar below. I was a little stressed out because of work and I though “I need something good” and I took a coffee. From an external perspective this seems great, but then I realized that if we add these reinforcements whenever we are a little bit stressed […]

external judgement

There is quite a big difference from taking choices and giving advice from the outside of something and from the inside. When you’re inside we are often moved by ego, ego controls us and makes us stupid. We are less objective and more subjective. Which is the exact reason why we aren’t often able to […]

empathy and death

Today the mother of a colleque died, ant it was hard even for me. Not because of her death, but mostly because of the empathy I’ve had towards him. I could feel his pain, and it was noticeable. I was almost crying. At my granfather funeral I wasn’t crying, but I felt this sadness inside. […]

no blueprint

A friend asked me to write something for his wedding, in a booklet they’ll give to the people attending the wedding at the church. I’ve never wrote something like this and my first instinct was to google something to get an idea of what to do, what they expect, and so on. I then realized […]

women’s lights and the reality of disco

A dear friend taught me a not-so-profound lesson on women one day. He told me that sometimes you watch them and they look so beautiful, but that beauty is because you are distracted by the lights. If you’ll look closely they won’t be so beautiful. But which lights? He was referring to make-up and nice […]

the harsh truth

I realize I’m quite uncomfortable in saying the harsh truth, although many times I do say it, when it’s really a complex matter, I tend to oversimplify things to make things easier. I realize this doesn’t help anyone and I should probably say it. I talked about this in the past and I recognize things […]

we’re slowly moving away from reality

Each web app we use takes us further away from what’s real, what’s connectable. We fear people and we should not. We should walk and laugh, we should share. We should spend time with the dearest ones so that we make memories. But more often than not, we spend time for a webapp, a game, […]

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