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when did the rain started bothering us?

Maybe in the past rain was a bad thing.
You didn’t have a warm house, you didn’t have a shelter, you didn’t have a way to warm you up.

But now? When it’s raining we feel like we experience half of the beauty of a day, it changes our moods, but in fact it’s just some water.

We can wash our clothes, change them, do a hot shower and everything will be reset.

When they say “Learn to love dancing in the rain” it’s that.
Raining is only a weather and we can start loving it because water is beautiful.

Yes, the sun is pleasant and probably has more beauty in it. But we shouldn’t be worried about rain.
We should dance in it, love in it, play in it.

anger and your heartbeat

I bought a mi band 2, it’s a nifty little smartband that does a few things like measuring your heartbeat, steps and so on.

So I did wonder: How does my heartbeat change when I’m angry?

Result: It doesn’t.

I did have like 67 bpm when I was angry.
Truth to be told I wasn’t super angry, but I was sure upset.

It’s obvious that if I was super angry and I was shouting maybe the heartbeat count would’ve been higher, but in this special case it wasn’t and I realized one thing.

That anger doesn’t exist.
It only exists emotionally, you get your stomach upside down, but aside from that, your body isn’t aware of it.
You feel the tension, but it doesn’t get to your heart, and that’s quite a thing to consider.

That energy is useless and nonexistent. It doesn’t show, nor it does help, that kind of anger has no positive value.

complicated tech

Sometimes tech gets in the way. I bought a mi band 2, which is fantastic, but I can’t help thinking that we made complex a simple thing like a watch.

Years ago a watch was just a watch. Now you get notifications and all the sorts of attention-grabbing part.

Is this the future we’re searching for?

being pacifist and being pacific

There are wars in this world. War we cannot end. But there are also war that we fight daily, war about our judgement, our ideas, our lives.

A dear friend of mine dreamed of a man who told her “You’re a pacific girl, not a pacifist”. Note the difference, think deeply about the difference.

Being pacific means you fight your own causes, when needed. Being pacific means that you avoid war at all cost.

Pacifism is good, but it’s also a bit naive. It reminds us of our childhood when we thought everything was possible.
Peace in the world? Possible.
Stop sickness? Possible?

Then we grew up, and became more cynic, less human. We forgot the dreams because they couldn’t be real.
When you think about fighting you also think about people destroying other things. But fighting can also be as simple as refusing a condition, because we should set the bar higher.

Higher than usual at least.

Expect the best, not the max, from the people you love, and accept it wholeheartedly.
The best meant in a human way, not in a “result” KPI way.
We should and must aim to become better in this world. Learning how to discuss, learning how to fight without fighting.

It will be hard as with many other things, but it will be worth it nonetheless.

what can you foresee?

A software has bugs even the most comprehensive test can’t find.

Bugs in every step. Is there a sure way to know if a software has bugs? I don’t think so.
Yes, for simple operations we might come close to 100%, but when complexity grows, it’s hard if not impossible.

Bugs will always be there, as in life we encounter the unexpected.

Better to plan for the unexpected, than to be shocked.

when you talk and you realize the things you’re gonna do

it happens, sometimes you talk over your intention to do something and you realize how big is that.
You planned something big, and it scares you out, because you understand it’s true dimension.

Happened to me today, I was even scared of pronouncing something because I profoundly understood the value of it and I felt very very small.

hash tags mood

Hashtags were first used in twitter as a way to categorize the content and making it more browsable by the users.

If two people used the same hashtag you could see both of the tweets (given that you clicked on the hashtags itself).

Facebook also started using hashtags for the same reason, but given the different type of user I see that many people uses hashtags to condensate a concept or a catchphrase.

So, basically they reduce the power of their words by reducing the content.
You don’t express the full range of emotion through words, but you express it through simple messages, way smaller the what you’re feeling.

It’s up to you to decide how to express yourself in your life. When in november I did a trip to japan everyday I would post a photo with a long description of what I liked and what made me astonished (in a good way).
People loved it, because it allowed them to live a small moment of my life, to see with my eyes.
It was nice, and I felt like a small japan-guide 😀

It’s easy to shorten words, to use them less, to use tags.
But we’re humans. And although it’s funny when we use these new tools, we always receive and live more when we are back to our roots.

aim for the long run

Not all people think of life as a marathon.

Often they see it as a sprint “If I’ll do this now, then I’ll get X”, so the are well aware that they can do more, and they do it for a specific benefit.

Here’s the thing: I was not gifted.
I have eyeglasses, bad posture, terrible memory.

Years ago I decided that I wanted to learn to sing. So I started taking lessons and I kept taking lessons.
Years later I sing way better than the majority of people.

Would a gifted singer do better? Probably.
Would a gifted singer without applying do better? It depends

Now, you can’t compete with DNA talent. Some are born that way.
But you can compete on laziness, on not applying.

I am not gifted, but I am tenacious, and tenacity was the key to me succeeding in my goal.
Now, everyone can be tenacious.
You don’t need any kind of DNA property aside from some kind of tollerance to failure, because guess what, you’ll fail often.

The first times I sung were terrible. Seriously unwatchable.
But I got better over time, maybe it took me more, maybe I could have done it faster, but in the long run I got the expected result.

Plan your life on the long run, not on the sprints.
(Example: Fitness, don’t think about the bikini phase, plan for the long run.
Eating, same thing.
Work, same thing).