anger and your heartbeat

I bought a mi band 2, it’s a nifty little smartband that does a few things like measuring your heartbeat, steps and so on. So I did wonder: How does my heartbeat change when I’m angry? Result: It doesn’t. I did have like 67 bpm when I was angry. Truth to be told I wasn’t […]

complicated tech

Sometimes tech gets in the way. I bought a mi band 2, which is fantastic, but I can’t help thinking that we made complex a simple thing like a watch. Years ago a watch was just a watch. Now you get notifications and all the sorts of attention-grabbing part. Is this the future we’re searching […]

people change you

The context changes you. People change you too. If you’re with a group of friends you behave in a precise way, if you’re with others, your behaviour and yourself, change. Which is the more true version? None and both. But it’s up to you to be as much consistent as possible.

being pacifist and being pacific

There are wars in this world. War we cannot end. But there are also war that we fight daily, war about our judgement, our ideas, our lives. A dear friend of mine dreamed of a man who told her “You’re a pacific girl, not a pacifist”. Note the difference, think deeply about the difference. Being […]

what can you foresee?

A software has bugs even the most comprehensive test can’t find. Bugs in every step. Is there a sure way to know if a software has bugs? I don’t think so. Yes, for simple operations we might come close to 100%, but when complexity grows, it’s hard if not impossible. Bugs will always be there, […]

when you talk and you realize the things you’re gonna do

it happens, sometimes you talk over your intention to do something and you realize how big is that. You planned something big, and it scares you out, because you understand it’s true dimension. Happened to me today, I was even scared of pronouncing something because I profoundly understood the value of it and I felt […]

hash tags mood

Hashtags were first used in twitter as a way to categorize the content and making it more browsable by the users. If two people used the same hashtag you could see both of the tweets (given that you clicked on the hashtags itself). Facebook also started using hashtags for the same reason, but given the […]

aim for the long run

Not all people think of life as a marathon. Often they see it as a sprint “If I’ll do this now, then I’ll get X”, so the are well aware that they can do more, and they do it for a specific benefit. Here’s the thing: I was not gifted. I have eyeglasses, bad posture, […]

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