the joy of running

My chiropractor told me that I need to run a little bit. I still don’t know why, but today I started. Since I’m a big believer of the barefoot walking/running, I put my xeroshoes and went for a run. It was my first serious barefoot run. In the past I did some running, but never […]

how to learn

It can happen: you want to learn but you don’t find a teacher. Then what you do? Wait for a teacher to come? One of the main differences and probably one of the things I’ve learned during my growth is that you need to be the one you rely upon. Not because we’re self sufficient, […]

hygiene and writing

It’s been a few days since I last wrote and there’s one thing I realized: Writing very much feel like doing hygiene for my mind. It’s not because it cleans something, but the whole act of showing up and writing each day is a way to be consistent, to follow my own word and respect […]

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