breathing through a situation

I remember talking about breathing. These days I’m often thinking about it, because from time to time I pause and breathe. I take time and let the situation flow so that I can understand it better. To me this is a big achievement because I was always too fast in thinking, and I got always […]

the post I did not write

Today I was about to publish a post about beauty. I read a message on Facebook of a friend who went to a course to learn how to use a natural acid to improve the beauty of face, hand and body. I honestly thought that in a world where we spend very much time fighting […]

the joy of running

My chiropractor told me that I need to run a little bit. I still don’t know why, but today I started. Since I’m a big believer of the barefoot walking/running, I put my xeroshoes and went for a run. It was my first serious barefoot run. In the past I did some running, but never […]

don’t make it easier

From time to time you have to say the truth. Not because you’d lie otherwise but because simplifying the truth, making it “easier to swallow”, won’t actually do better. There is no point in these white lies if all they do is to hide the pain from us.

how to learn

It can happen: you want to learn but you don’t find a teacher. Then what you do? Wait for a teacher to come? One of the main differences and probably one of the things I’ve learned during my growth is that you need to be the one you rely upon. Not because we’re self sufficient, […]

hygiene and writing

It’s been a few days since I last wrote and there’s one thing I realized: Writing very much feel like doing hygiene for my mind. It’s not because it cleans something, but the whole act of showing up and writing each day is a way to be consistent, to follow my own word and respect […]

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