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Month: October 2016

an easy start

What is a good way to start practicing an hobby?
To me it’s “having fun”. I’d use these words because we can’t expect to do something if we don’t enjoy it.

At the very least, this is a requirement.
It’s strange to note that we all overthink too much. Maybe we dream and imaging the future, we imaging how we could make money out of it and so on. And that is the thing that makes it tough, because if reality doesn’t match your expectation you’re bound to be disappointed.

Starting small is also a good thing. Starting easy, with less rules than the ones required.
This way you can learn gradually and improve step by step.

Anything more than that and you risk to put too much pressure on the task and on you, risking your entire passion for something.

are you sure?

Being sure today is a sign of power. If you are sure of what you’re saying, or at least behave like that, people will think you’re right.

It is great because this allow people to grow a bigger self esteem that is useful, though a question should be asked: at what price?

Today being right feels like it’s really important, isn’t it? I think we somewhat miss the value that’s behind doubting yourself.

It allows you to grow and learn, to evaluate the many point of views of the world.

And while it may sound fantastic it has a gigantic drawback: you need a stable and strong self esteem to continuously doubt yourself: if you don’t have it, it’ll soon grow old and you’ll eventually come back to the old version of you.

Here it lies the second trap: being wrong or even doubting yourself is not a sign of disonor. Instead it is a sign of growth, but we are so accustomed to deduce that if we have the wrong solution we are wrong too.

We aren’t. Only the solution is wrong. Doubting yourself doesn’t mean that you’re worthless.

It means you’re worthy.

winter breeze

Yesterday it rained a lot here, streets were filled with water.

Today a nice wind and a clear sky welcomed us into the world, and this night a modest winter breeze came out.

Air was clean and fresh. When you come from the hot temperature of summer the winter’s air is clearly recognizable.

It’s somewhat cleaner, crisper. 

I can’t deny it: I love smelling this air. I love breathing it because it’s like cleaning yourself from the inside.

In these days I continue to think that life and this world is full of beauty, beauty that hides in plain sight that we cannot see but it’s there.

Like air, invisible yet fundamental.

communicate failure

Today I was talking with a client and he was telling me a sad story.

Basically they fired their old IT company because they somewhat “tried to bank on them”, by asking too much money for simple things that would even fail to work as advertised.

All of this happened during an emergency situation that was caused by the lack of “futureproofing” of the product the IT company developed, so it was partly their fault to begin with.

What he told me (and I’ve agreed 100%) is that we often avoid communicating issues or failure. Instead we take different routes.
We fear shame, but in fact communicating that you won’t be able to finish the job properly is important too. If they did that, they might be still on the contract of the company, maybe for less things, but still working nonetheless.

inspiration is a “lead by example”

I’ve always wanted to inspire people to do great things and for many years I’ve talked into that.

I talked to people telling them how great they were, how much power they did have, I also wrote an entire book on the subject of self improvement.

But the real inspiration comes when people look at your life and think “ok, they’re doing something different, and I like it”.

This has happened recently since I moved from a 9/5 job, to a part-time job to have more free time. A dear friend decided to work less, which is astounding given the society we’re in.

This is the real inspiration, this is the real change.

ipnotic selling

There is such a thing like hypnotic marketing, they sell it like this, and it’s truly hypnotic.

But I don’t like the idea. I like honest proposal, honest information, and I want to prove that there’s a way to that. That we can scale slowly and in control, that a business isn’t only defined by its exponential growth.

We have been accustomed to the example of startups. Companies that grows by 100x in one month.
That’s everyone’s dream. But after that growth you grow the company, and the growth is unmatched.
The decline begins.
You hustle to find another source for a 100x multiplier, and you may or may not find it.

If not, you’re probably paying too many people and you need to fire some of them. People you were close to.
You say goodbye, and maybe you find a good dimension for your company, maybe you find a niche to fit in, a niche that does respect your work and love your ideals.

Can we skip the 100x multiplier please? Thanks.