rooting for

There is good in the bad and bad in the good, but I can’t stop thinking that “destroying” an opponent is a good thing, even if only in a discussion. I think that ridiculizing people is terrible, I think we should try for 1 month and remove from our life white lies lies complaints insult […]

we are going to kill the traditional dishes

Many of my friends love masterchef and became excellent “handmade” chefs. They’re good at it. And I love ethnic dishes so I mostly do recipes that come from  outside of the place I live. At the same time every sunday I go to my family’s house and eat some classic Tuscan dish, and I wonder: what […]

sexual tension

Strange topic here, but I always wondered what happens when you stop “searching” for girl. When you finally found the one and you don’t feel the need to look out for a new girl because you’re happy, what happens then? I am happily engaged so I’m not worried about it but I do understand that […]


The myth of multitasking. We believe we can do it, we are amazed when we see someone doing so many things together, achieve so much, yet we don’t consider that to max the output we need to tradeoff for something. You can’t get it all, and the myth of multitasking happens on all levels, both […]

fake notifications

Just a minute ago a plugin in my wordpress notified that “I had an issue”. And it wasn’t an issue, it was an advertising. Here’s the thing: When people give permission they do it for a reason, not to be made fun of. It’s the same advertising story: people give you an address and you […]

is there a place for a non consumist product?

All our products have an end, but should that be the norm? I think about all those products whose life outlives us, whose duration impress us. I think about the dr bronner soap for example, or the deodorant I make. They’re counterintuitive. They go against the rule because they create a society that consumes less […]

sarcasm and politic

Being satiric and being sarcastic are very different things. I have the impression that we’re on a mission to be more sarcastic, while losing our ability to be satiric (and therefore to critic both sides). In italy we have a vote in dicember and now everyone seems to have a strong opinion, they have all […]

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