be present

Being present is one of the most difficult yet natural thing we should learn to do. It’s not about skills, it’s about presence, it’s about living and perceiving the whole world, it’s about not opening another tab in the browser or avoiding checking the phone. Truth is: All of this is not that important. Checking […]

change requires critics and introspection

There’s a truth in this world: We don’t change. The whole truth is that, to change, it’s not enough to want it, it’s not enough to be aware of it, it’s not enough to have people showing the facts. Changing requires doubt, self-criticism, and introspection. No change has ever happened without this, no change has […]

do you need a thanks?

We love being thanked for our work, and there’s a good reason for that. Thanking someone for their work make this acknowledgeable. We need this because this way we know that our work has been seen, but is that truly needed? if you think about it many people in this world don’t show off what […]

when they surprise you

I was lost, some of my clients had new competitors that wanted selling my products near them and I didn’t knew how to act. Many companies in the cosmetic business decide that it’s ok to sell if the distance between the shops is more than 1km, which isn’t so much. I was torn between selling […]

september 2016 monthly checkup

September was a strange month. I missed sooo many days, and the reason for this is that I was out sleeping and didn’t have my pc with me. This led to me not writing enough as I should. I can’t stop thinking about buying something like an iPad for this. It could be the solution […]

the hidden belief

The hardest thing to change is our inner narrative and the sad thing is that many self help courses are trying to teach us that we can change our life the way we want it. It’s a lie. Not because it’s not possible but because there are things that we can’t change.  But if you think […]

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