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when you’d like to vote but you have some second thoughts

We are about to vote in italy and people are facing a big issue: What to vote?

The thing is, many of those people who’d vote NO in this election are on the same side of factions that they are 100% incompatible with their thoughts.

Same for the yes.

People are going crazy for this, but I think the main reason for this is that we shouldn’t take the factions into consideration and have a personal idea on how it should be done. Otherwise we risk to become like sheep following their master.

if you don’t tell how much you love them

One of the non-obvious things in this life is how we approach our feelings.

We forget to show them, we hide them, we avoid making them public.
Since feelings make us vulnerable we avoid them at all cost.

And we regret it when it becomes too late.
When you’d want a second chance.

Telling your feelings doesn’t require much courage, it takes some will, yes, but nothing more.
You only have to give a hug, a phone call, a message and put in it all you’ve got.
All your feelings.

Hug like you could zip the feelings in one action.
Call and tell them that you love them, that they are important, that you live a better life thanks to them.

Don’t wait for tomorrow. Make today the right day.

do we search less?

Today a politician noted that in the past we searched more in google.

Things like “crisis” when the crisis stroke, and so on, would be searched more in the past than today.

What if right now we focus more on the information we get through facebook thanks to our friend circle?

What if we consider that information true and instead of searching, documenting, get information, we leave at that?

Maybe the problem doesn’t revolve around searching, maybe it revolves around “trust” and the illusion of truth.
Facebook built the idea that we can trust our friends, their opinion, their view of the world.

Therefore when a friend shares something on facebook you expect him/her to have an informed position about the argument.
Not always the case, sadly.
Still, we continue to trust that piece of information without getting more info and all because we confuse friendship with source trust.

your social image

What image do you have on Facebook? How often do you change it?

Can the image represent yourself truly? Or did you choose it because it reminded you of something?

Our image tells a lot about ourselves. What we like and want to become.

Mine, for example, has a slightly smile onto it. I choose it because of the smile.
It represent the image I’d like to have every single day.

The image of a serene person who tries his best in this world.

the two versions

Recently I’ve had the change to talk with an agent about buying a house.

We exchanged lots of emails and also met each other to discuss the conditions and the prices.

Everything was fin until he asked me for a specific paper that attested something regarding the money.
I didn’t have that info and needed to find it.

I told him I’d contact him back once I found it.
Later on, he wrote me asking me for updates, I replied I didn’t have them and waited.

After that he wrote me another email, asking for the same info, which I didn’t reply to.

Weeks passed and he wrote me again, raging, because I didn’t seem like a reliable person, and he told me he would leave the work (not because of me obviously).

This led me to think about the 2 sides of each story. He probably lived the whole story differently and he surely felt betrayed, although the reason behind me waiting to reply to him was, in fact, that I didn’t have any news or update.

Each story has multiple version of it. Both of them true.
Should you choose one over the other, remember that they can differ, but both tell the same story, the same truth.