bombs from the past

I was searching for a mail, and it got a word like “irritated”. While skipping the titles I find one email from 2005. Twelve years ago. Out of curiosity I read it. It was a mail I sent to a dear friend. My writing was full of hatred, I felt bad for myself. And I admit […]

girls are better than men

Dinner time, two men talking to each other, both married, both with female children. One wished me a man, the other was, without any doubt, sure that girls were better. I was shocked. A father that told girls were better with no doubt? His answer was shocking and true. “Girls give you much more love, […]

changing bars

I was out with a friend couple of months ago. We entered in this cosy, crowded bar and we asked for a cocktail and a cup of white wine. The bar is one of the most famous here and it was very noisy, yet welcoming. The girls at the counter received the order and I […]

the queen is a patriotic polarizer

The queen of england doesn’t have that much power, but has a defined control over the well being of an entire nation. This control comes from the fact that, while the people in the country might fight, she represent a stable point, something that won’t change. In italy, as in many other places, you always […]

changing is difficult

Changing is difficult because the major part of changing consist in questioning yourself, your habits, your actions. Basically changing requires you to be able to judge yourself and find all the possible errors in one day. It is not based on finding the good, only the bad. And it’s difficult because together with this you […]

we’re missing the tribals and the samurais

I was watching “The Crown” yesterday and there’s a scene where a man from africa kiss the feet of the newborn queen Elizabeth to give his condolences to her. After this, all the men and women start saying a phrase out loud together. Like a ritual. Right now when someone dies we give our condolences, […]

maybe writing at night isn’t such a good deal

At least for me I found that writing at night is more difficult. I’m more dizzy and confused, thoughts scattered through my mind. How can the night owls people do it? I continuously wonder how people can live sleeping less. To me a good sleep is essential to have energy, mental clarity and so on. […]

the smartphone buckets

I’m seriously thinking of putting 2 buckets once you enter our house. One with smartphones with sounds on (because you’re waiting for something), one with sound off and add the rule that if a smartphone is in the sound off bucket it can’t be touched, if a smartphone is in the sound on bucket it […]

are we all domed in marketing?

I went to the dentist today and he told me a secret. They have one of those whitening machines using UV-rays. They work fine, but the rays are dangerous for the eye. Guess what, the company behind the machine gives you eyeglasses to protect your eyes, wonderful right? Which color are the sunglasses? Glad you […]

thinking back at the bad times

I remember there was this time where my singing teacher asked me to sing in a musical. One of the lead singers was ill and I was a perfect substitute. I accepted, I was scared but I went through it all. I was very very anxious the day of the show, it was a beautiful […]

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