the photos show an illusion

I was looking at some old photos and what I saw always were happy smiling faces. How good are we at lying? Not that the photos were fake, but they only presented a side to reality, a small part of the actual life and feelings I was living. I had several break up with my […]

how to break up with anger

A friend of mine developed a nice trick in her relationship. Whenever she or her SO would start to discuss with too much antagonism, she would make a movement, a movement that’s funny for both of them and that they have somewhat agreed on before. That movement says “you’re overheating, slow down”, and for them […]

cleaning routing

The more time passes, the more I’m inclined to like slow, mind-relaxing activities. This can space both from a simple wet shaving using old style techniques and barber tools. Or a good whiskey, a sip of hot tea, a shisha together with friends. All these activities have one simple hidden goal: slow down. In a […]

do you keep photos?

I’ve got a friend who recently told me that he stopped making photos because otherwise he would lose the moment and he wants to live it fully. He’s right. Totally right. Even though I feel like I’ll forget each part of my life, he’s right. In my defence I must say that I recently started […]

broke the system

If you’re irreplaceable at work, chances are you did some part of your job bad or they overlooked you. Not because of your skill, but because you didn’t allow the structure to grow, making it dependable on you, which is bad (you know, holidays, you want them , right?). The fastest way to fix this […]

do the boring things

In a world where the startups takes all the spotlight it’s common to think that our ideal work should be always shiny, always intriguing, always super fantastic. We feel entitled to be the ones, the ones that will make the difference, because we have such a great skillset that we can truly make the difference. […]

intelligence doesn’t grant you any extra ability

We live in a world where intelligence is rewarded, and that is good, because intelligence is fundamental to our expansion and the way we build the world. Being intelligent or smart, is a bliss. You can obviously grow your intelligence by activating it more often, looking at things and trying to understand them. By doing […]

how are you going to change?

Changing is one of the most difficult thing in the world, mostly because we’re designed to be resilient to change. Even if, as humans, we have the ability to adapt, we’re not really engineered to change so much. We change small, invisible part of ourselves, one by one. That’s it. So the question is: how […]

buying a home

Today marks the first step of buying a new home. There are so many things happening when you buy it. First: You lose money, which, you know, it’s something to expect. Second: You wonder: “Am I making the right choice?” Fear takes over but then you’re finished and you start counting the time before entering […]

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