spiritual yoga

I have lots of female friends that do yoga. Hatha, ashtanga, etc. Nowadays we have all forms of yoga, one to lose weight, one to relax, each yoga has a different goal and set. In fact, yoga has become a sport. Even though it wasn’t a sport. It was something religious, spiritual. And I wonder, […]

the fake quote

Today in my browser tab I read a quote that I’m sure was of Seneca because I’m reading seneca 🙂 And it wasn’t attributed to him. Nowadays we see quotes everywhere, but what can we say about their origins? Are they true or not? Thing is, we don’t know, nor we can know. 10 years […]

selling the old

We are moving into the new house and I started selling old comics to make space and avoid having them around while moving on the new house. And I felt like melancholy? Mostly because I was attached to them. But then you look at the boxes we packaged and you think about how many things […]

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