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how do you make a movie that stands the test of time?

I just watched the movie Mediterraneo, which is more than 20 years old and I was pleasantly surprised from the movie.

Even though it’s clearly and old movie, you can watch it quite well.

So I wondered: what makes a movie stand the test of time?

Many of the blockbuster we see right now won’t probably be there in 10 years, let alone 20.
We go by mood and go with the flow, that’s why they won’t probably survive a decade.

But what about the others? What did they do right?
Looking at this movie there was no fancy direction, it was a simple movie that touched profound topics with lightness.

I think what makes it tick is the pace, the characters, which are not overly complex, nor ordinary, yet they do have enough character to make them look very real.
Also the characters are human and act like a human would do.

In other movies character are often defined by extreme behaviors, excessive need of power and so on. They are not real, nor they feel real.

Making a good movie requires you to put normal people into a marvelous situation to narrate it.

it takes courage to say you can’t do it

It takes courage to admit that you can’t do it, that you have limits.

It takes courage to admit that you’re wrong.

It takes courage to do all this and still live happily after without thinking you’re a horrible person.

It takes courage to be upfront and honest and to admit your feelings.

We’ve been invaded by the image of strong characters in movies, people that fail but yet will prevail.
No one in the movies admit this. They do it always later, after the storm, after they’ve won.
They don’t do it during the struggle.

And guess what? It’s during the struggle that matters.

It’s admitting that you can’t do it and still fight for it that it’s hard.
It’s saying your limits, your issues, your feelings while life’s a shit, that’s hard.

While I write all this I can’t stop thinking that the words “saying your limits while life’s a shit” can be applied in 2 ways.

  1. you feel the struggle, you know it’s hard and you know that admitting publicly that you can’t do it will make you look like a shitty person, yet you do it.
  2. you want to be cuddled, you are self-pitying and want to have more attention and so you admit that life’s a shit.

What’s the difference?
One needs courage.

how to ask for a favour

Today I asked a dear friend a favour. Well, not really a favour, but I wanted her to be the one making the photos at my wedding.

And it was hard, because I wanted to express all the gratitude, all the magic that led me to wish for this.
It was hard because she’s a friend, and I didn’t want her to put into a strange situation.

But yet, I did ask her.
And to do it I tried to put it simply, ask her and tell her why it’s important to me, why I like her style, why she should take time to evaluate the decision and consider it from all the point of views.

It went well, although she didn’t still say yes. But it was good.

Asking for help is something to be learned, and I hope I can improve over and over again, by being even more empathetic, even more resonant with the person I’m talking to.

Too often I’ve missed their emotions, and I hope to learn as fast as I can how to recognize them.

“he is such a bad person”

My Girlfriend’s father tells me that an old schoolmate that’s not in politics is a bad person because he did 1 thing.

But how do you define that? I wonder if we can allow people to change.
Does one isolate action define yourself entirely?

People can change their mind, they can change their behaviour.

We should avoid the labeling as far as possible, and consider people much like investing money into stock options or funds.

Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

spiritual yoga

I have lots of female friends that do yoga.

Hatha, ashtanga, etc.

Nowadays we have all forms of yoga, one to lose weight, one to relax, each yoga has a different goal and set.

In fact, yoga has become a sport.
Even though it wasn’t a sport.

It was something religious, spiritual.
And I wonder, has yoga helped these people find some spiritual part in themselves or not?

I think, for many of them, that they didn’t got this chance.
Ashtanga yoga, being fast and calorie burning like it is, doesn’t allow you to appreciate the inner working of yoga.

But yoga is much more than this, and I find very difficult to talk about spiritual and religious things today.
I feel we are in one of those fields where everyone either agrees with you or think you’re stupid, because the spiritual part is something that cannot be described.

It’s not like “I saw God”, nor it cannot be. If God would appear in front of you so easily, then everything would be easy.
Faith would be easy, because, you know, once you see something so clear, why shouldn’t you believe?
But in that design, wouldn’t be God be some kind of dictator?
If his presence is so easily discovered then why wouldn’t everyone believe in him.
Game set, done.

But the spiritual part in ourselves requires much more than that.
Faith itself requires you to believe in something you cannot grasp, let alone demonstrate.

I wonder if we’ll have some growth on our spiritual part too.
Technologies continue to appear, but none of this is working on the only part where medicine, science can work.
Our emotions, our feelings, ourselves (yes I know we can somewhat trick the body/mind emotions, but that’s not the point)

if you don’t have time for yourself, you don’t have time for others

Two things happened today.

  1. A friend’s father came at the office today to give his son a package.
    The son didn’t have time, he was working he was busy. He stayed focused on the work for a while and after a couple of minutes he hastily went to greet the father.
  2. A girl that is doing an internship for us started talking to me about issues when buying a ticket from the italian railway company.
    She did this not to share the blame but mostly because she don’t have that many people that speak english and because she felt frustrated.
    She didn’t need help.
    I listened to her and then went fast back to work.

In both cases we could’ve done better.
Work is work, and there’s a limit to the time you can give to someone.
But, come one, 2 minutes is something we should be able to give from time to time.

If we’re too busy to reply to others, to consider them, to treat them well, maybe we don’t even have time for us, to be mindful, present, aware.

the fake quote

Today in my browser tab I read a quote that I’m sure was of Seneca because I’m reading seneca 🙂

And it wasn’t attributed to him.

Nowadays we see quotes everywhere, but what can we say about their origins? Are they true or not?
Thing is, we don’t know, nor we can know.

10 years from now the source will be unknown and all we’ve been left with will be the words themselves.

Who knows if it’s better or not.

selling the old

We are moving into the new house and I started selling old comics to make space and avoid having them around while moving on the new house.

And I felt like melancholy? Mostly because I was attached to them.

But then you look at the boxes we packaged and you think about how many things do I own, how those things define my life?
They usually don’t.
What’s in the boxes could be trashed probably, but we still prepare them to have their own place.