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Month: March 2017

back to basics

This month was a hell of a month. Moving house proved to be a difficult task both mentally and physically, but what stood out was that I had to leave out all my habits.

I was drained, with no energy, at the end of each day.

This led me to refusing to workout, to read, to meditate.
An almost entire month with a big pause button on it.

How was it? Hard. The habits did a lot to keep me sane, and although from the outside I might have appeared like “Normal” I was quite the opposite.

Today I got back to workout and writing and it feels like I’m cleaning myself. Such a strange feeling.
It’s as if all the habits I built were a way to keep me clean, a way to continue being better.

free as in beer?

Free wifi is very similar to every free offer you can find online and in real life.

Sometimes things are good, you find a deal that’s free and that let you benefit of the best things.
In the other case the free is just a gimmick. A way to attract visitors.
It’s the same unbeatable offer that gives you nothing for some info.

And as such it’s not free. You have to pay to get in.
Yes, you don’t pay in money, so the “free” word is allowed, but you pay with another currency, your information.

Sensitive information, the same information you’d likely avoid to give.
To do what then? Here’s the issue: we don’t know.

It would be amazing if we had the chance to know beforehand what goals our information will help them achieve.
If only to understand if my email or my zip code are useful to help you out understanding what kind of people get into your shop, or if they are sold to third party companies.

The paranoid can argue that even in this case they might change their mind and in the future change the destination of our sensitive data.
He’s right, but this would still be a great start.

the way you talk

The way you talk is all about how you connect with others.

It’s up to you to leave a trace of connection, to allow others to resonate with you.
When you talk you always got a choice, you always got a way to do it nicer than you think you need.

And it’s not about the difficulty, it’s not about who you’re talking to.
These options always exists.

When you’re on the other side, though, it happens to wonder if you did deserve this or not. Both if you are confronted with an extreme kindness or an harsh reaction.
You can’t know though if you really deserved, but whatever the case, there is no easy solution to this.

A good way to start it to listen.
Even if it hurts.

people will suprise you

In both ways.

There will be people who will give you their best. That will delight your day, that will go the extra mile.

And you’ll also get the one that will make your day harder no matter what.

It’s up to you to decide how much of their actions will impact your mood.
How much they will decide your life it’s totally up to you.

coming back

There’s a strange saying in italian.
When you move in a new home some people in Tuscany won’t ask you when you’ll go live there, but they’ll ask you instead “when you come back?”

It’s so strange. They ask you when you’ll transfer to the new home as if you always lived there.
I wonder if there’s some origins to this saying, or if it’s just a change in the language that produced this.

Whatever the outcome, I feel a lot of melancholy when I hear it, mostly because it reminds me of “coming back”.
The past, the things you lived, the things you left.

the life you didn’t live

Stop for a second and think about what it means to move into a new house.
You start by packing up all the things you have in the old one, all the good memories, the photos, the kitchen tools you use daily and so on.

The life you live each day becomes slowly packed into neat little boxes that you will transfer and unpack into your new home.
But while you pack them, objects will appear.
Things you didn’t expect, like dresses you didn’t wear in the last year, or photos you don’t know if you want to keep them or not.

Numbers of people you didn’t call, unread magazines and unopened gifts.

While continuing packing your home a new elements appear: the life you didn’t live.
So many options, so many things left alone in boxes you will probably forget about.

What would it be of you if you had taken a different path?
What would have been your life if you had used that gift?

Nobody knows, but while you pack you’ll have to decide if you want to keep them lingering around for another while or not.
And whatever the decision you make, you’ll have plenty of boxes.
Some of those boxes will stay closed for a long time.
Even if they contained life you did live.

The next time you’ll move houses you’ll find a box, full of things you thought you needed, but that you forgot about.
And in an instant, the life you lived, has become the life you stopped living.

february 2017 monthly recap

In february I slacked, like a lot, but this should be a warning to me to remind myself to not lose my habits.

It’s clear that once you stop keeping the habit it’s always easier to lose it.
Lately there have been some busy days and I literally had no time to think about it, let alone produce some decent content.

Outside of this, we’re moving homes. The whole moving has started and I hope to be finished by the end of march.
If not, I’ll be in trouble 😀

That said, I still managed to write something in this month and at least for me these are my favourites