back to basics

This month was a hell of a month. Moving house proved to be a difficult task both mentally and physically, but what stood out was that I had to leave out all my habits. I was drained, with no energy, at the end of each day. This led me to refusing to workout, to read, […]

free as in beer?

Free wifi is very similar to every free offer you can find online and in real life. Sometimes things are good, you find a deal that’s free and that let you benefit of the best things. In the other case the free is just a gimmick. A way to attract visitors. It’s the same unbeatable […]

the way you talk

The way you talk is all about how you connect with others. It’s up to you to leave a trace of connection, to allow others to resonate with you. When you talk you always got a choice, you always got a way to do it nicer than you think you need. And it’s not about […]

people will suprise you

In both ways. There will be people who will give you their best. That will delight your day, that will go the extra mile. And you’ll also get the one that will make your day harder no matter what. It’s up to you to decide how much of their actions will impact your mood. How […]

coming back

There’s a strange saying in italian. When you move in a new home some people in Tuscany won’t ask you when you’ll go live there, but they’ll ask you instead “when you come back?” It’s so strange. They ask you when you’ll transfer to the new home as if you always lived there. I wonder […]

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