don’t blame it on the children

Whatever the reason you might hate a father or a mother, their children are without any of their sins. They are innocent, they don’t know, they won’t possibly know or act accordingly. But, for some strange reason, we tend to link the people that we hate with the people they relate to, even children. It’s […]

the old habits

Yesterday I got the chance to do again a “mastermind” with a dear friend and what I realized is that I was missing this kind of discussion. What a mastermind gives you is not the ideas or the concept that you can forever improve. It gives you another point of view, a way to confront with […]

talk through any argument

It’s hard to talk, it’s hard to describe in words the many things that pass through your mind. But it’s worth every second, because only with vulnerability and talking through what you’ve been through you can open a discussion that might lead to improve the relationship.

if you can’t schedule it, you can’t do it

Have you ever talked to a friend and said “We should totally get a beer together another time sooner!” and then never made that call? It might be that you don’t care, but in the other case maybe you’re too busy. Life, work, life work, and you forget about these small little things. So you […]

even the worst choices have a reason

See the red lines? It’s the part for bycicles (please ignore the cyclist that’s going into the street…). The black one? For pedestrians. The first time I walked into this street I wondered why on earth they would “switch” the two lines. It didn’t make sense, and looking at this from the photo it still […]

incentives and determination

In some companies economic incentives are the de facto standard to let people push output to the max. They are the perfect shortcut to allow people to sprint to their max until they are exhausted. Sadly though this is not the way to let people care about the product or service you’re selling. To do […]

making everyone happy

When you’re young you’re naive enough to believe there’s a way to make everyone happy. The more you grow, the more inside you a thought gets built: that you’re the only one you can make happier. Now, this is the other side of the fence, that’s true, but can we achieve a decent level of […]

we need to consume less

In the easter moments like this I always think about consuming less. We’re too far involved into a society that press us to consume more, build more, destroy more. But this is not sustainable. An example? “Vegnanism”. Being vegan is probably unsustainable in the long term. Replacing meat with legumes might not be enough for 7 […]

another step forward

We fear it, making big choices. And we fear it because they are big, because we don’t think we can handle it. We’re small, and to grow big what’s needed is some kind of hope. A hope that there’s a light out there that can save us. Today we started trying growing a little more […]

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