not seeing

There was a time when people didn’t see well. That time was before printing journals was a thing. Nobody could know they were impaired because they didn’t have a reference. This changed when words got printed, because that way you could feel the difference between those that could read by those that couldn’t. What those […]

all coaching

I see so many coaches out there. Wonderful profession but I wonder if we did take that too far. All the movement on optimism, recharging, whatever, do we need this? If we do, why? Why can’t we be able to auto-recharge? I feel like the whole coaching industry is trying to cure a symptom and […]

expectations of a wedding and a house

Two things in this life will show you how many expectations people have. House and a wedding. In both cases we always expect something bigger, stronger, larger. We tend to expand like water, taking all the possible space, forgetting that we should live our life within our money boundaries to have a happier healthier life. […]

caring for the work you do

There’s not much to learn about working. Often it all relates to making something meaningful and creating what you care fo. Caring is not something that can be instilled, you either care or do not care. There’s no money prize that can make the difference, no words, no fear. Only if you care you can […]

seeking something not violent

We’re bombarded. By tv shows that appeal us using sex, violence, gore, and extreme drama. Some of them ask rightful question, but they also use our “love” for these elements as a driver for their success. What are the shows that don’t follow these rules? That create the need to watch it without adding the […]


We all need to start accepting more and refusing less. To say yes and no, by both accepting new things (yes) and accepting that we can’t do everything (no). We need to stop refusing beforehand, and to start thinking protectively towards our time.

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