Share your point of view

Let’s say you have a problem and you need to solve them. You might ask for help, and that would be a good idea in case you can’t solve it by yourself. But one thing you should keep in mind: always share your overall issue, don’t only share the problem. So for example in case […]

body changes

Let’s say you meet someone, you fall in love with them or you start having a high respect for them. Then you discover they went under plastic surgery. They changed their body. Now, it seems perfectly fine nowadays to accept that people do plastic surgery, right? It’s normal. We started shifting the way we think […]

the  work you don’t do

There is some kind of hidden work. A kind of work you can’t define yet you do. The non work. It’s a strange work and it happens when you don’t do what you think you were supposed to do, like in my case developing software, and instead you do something else, like managing people, helping […]

nazism isn’t over

One of the things that worries me so much about nazism is that we think we are better, that we won’t do the same mistake. The problem, though, is that we didn’t take a vaccine against nazism. We are obviously against its results but what can we say about our ability to avoid that outcome? […]

sustain your actions

I was in a ryanair air flight yesterday and the stuart started making some jokes with one of the hostess.. There were 2 stuart in that moment and what happened is that they “settled”, by forcing her to do something while joking. As men, I think we do this quite often. We use the herd […]

the travel box

Keep a travel box, with memories from old travels, it’ll allow you to open a door in the past, blasting yourself into a moment in time, remembering the trip on the japanese shinkansen or the fuerteventura restaurant 😉

skill are everchanging

What skills do you have? Maybe you’re used to value them based on what you write on paper, confronting them with another list, maybe a bigger list of words. Yes, words matter, because you should know them. But a skill is not made of words alone, there’s more than it meets the eye. A skill […]

the courage to stick

You need courage to show up each day, do the work, and do it well. You need courage and good communication to do it everyday, because each day the lazyness will kick in, you’ll forget the goals, and your so called ambition will slow down unless you have big stakes. Or maybe it’s not about […]

showing up on time

It takes courage to show up on time, to be always ready, to do the work and be available. But this is part of what makes good people great, their persistence, their ability to stick with the plan, to not let the ship wreck, to do their best job and showing up also on the […]

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