help your customer

A base rule in marketing and business is that you must solve a problem, or in simple words: help someone. It strikes me that, as a customer, I often write to customer services and don’t get help. And in those case help cannot be in any way given, I don’t even get some kind of empathy. […]

what the others can see that you cannot

There may come a time when you think you’re not enough. Not beautiful enough, not intelligent enough. A time when life is ok but not enough, when something is missing. Maybe love, maybe friendship, maybe a satisfying job. When that time comes you might start wondering what is left for you in this world? What […]

I’m getting bored of the bootstrap paradox

The bootstrap paradox, as described into the Doctor Who series is something along these lines: Imagine you have a time traveller who loves Beethoven and decides to travel back and meet his hero. However on arriving, he discovers Beethoven has not and will not write any of the music the time traveller loves so much. […]

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