what did anger gave you

What did anger gave you? A present, an ideal for a better world, a solution to your problem. Anger gave you an easy way out, a fast lane to go and follow your dreams. Anger gave you the opportunity to fullfill your todo list in terms of revenge. Anger gave you lots of things, but […]

the hidden macho

All men feel the need to be a macho, but only some of them are able to put that aside and show a different side of the story, the sentimental macho, the man that loves and has emotions. The man that cries, that opens up to show his vulnerabilities. Such man is a different kind […]

you can die from sadness

Many people say you love hurts, love kills. You can die from love. Too much love will kill you. But in reality sadness kills.  Today the singer of Linkin Park died. Seems like he killed himself and I cannot stop wondering why, what profound level of sadness did he feel to justify a suicide. I’m […]

the beauty of summer

We’ve become so accustomed to having air conditioning that we totally forgot the beauty of summer. Yes, that hot, sticky mood, the sweat, the mosquitos. All of that is summer. It’s so strange that, during summer, we’d like a different weather, more like the beginning of autumn. What I’m saying is: enjoy each moment, given […]

outside the confort zone

A dear friend of mine had some issue at work today, and I helped him. He felt out of control, but in the end everything was under his control. The tricky part about each and every “trip” outside of the confort zone is that you think you’re done. There is no way out or hope. […]


What’s your energy on a bad day?  If you had to think on a scale from 1 to 10, how would you rate it? Today it was a bad day for me, I felt unproductive, overwhelmed by tasks I needed to finish. Beaten up by some wrong choices. My vote was 7 out of 10. […]

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