power and status

We often think that power is a result of the status you have. So if you’re the boss, then you always have power over people. While this may sound true there’s a glitch. Power is defined by the amount of control you have over other people’s lives. It’s not defined by your status. In fact […]

when you cry

Today I cried, and last time was long ago. I cried and didn’t held the tears. It was good, it was bittersweet and it was a relief. I realized that sometimes when I write I write to impress people. Because I know my writing has an effect. But this time I wrote to convey a […]

it’s in how you react

There are so many ways to react to a super-bad news you can’t count them. But it’s what you do with your life after it that makes the difference. Will it build up a good part of your character? Will it step up your game or will you feel defeated? Your life might entirely change […]

the strongest of all

The strongest of all isn’t the biggest, nor is the one that makes more noise. His/Her power resides in the way he thinks and acts. The strongest of all is happy for others if they are happy, and looks at them with respect when they succeed in the small things. He doesn’t compare, because he […]

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