quality over quantity

It’s such a common title that it’s almost abused. Quality over quantity means to focus on the form. And it through a new course about bodyweight workout that I rediscovered this. The attention over quality made me wonder if all the work I did was worth the trouble. Well, it was. I do things unimaginable […]

blocking the obvious

I recently setup a blocker on my mac to limit the usage of social websites and guess what? I found myself using them more than expected. Too many minutes, too much time. It’s sad that in today’s world solutions like this are needed, but it’s also refreshing to know they’re here. In a perfect world […]

what I like about travel

I like being able to know a different culture, discover what they share in common and what they do not. I like eating new foods, taking time to explore a city, to “feel” their daily workflow. I like that travel allows you to take time off, from worries, plans, whatever. I like that you meet […]

kids don’t care

I was at the hospital when a indian child waived her hands towards another kid passing by. Right next to me there was this family of women and daughters, all waiting for their turn at the hospital. We were all  the same waiting room.  After the child waived her hands they continued to talk in […]

what is a necessity?

Food? Clothes? Today I read about a man leaving miami because of Irma and its terrifying power. After this I talked with a friend that told me about how some necessities are fake. And today we are filled with fake necessities. Food is a great example. We all seek the lastest supplement or rare natural […]

you need some holidays

Didn’t we think about it once in a while? We deserve some holidays, some break up from our daily work, to shine, to recharge, to get back in shape.Holidays to live our moments. But why do we need them? We need them because we are exhausted, we don’t feel the need to do more. We […]

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