we rush only in the end

When I was a student I was lazy. I didn’t study until I reached that point of no return when it was unavoidable and I had to study. This often translated in a mixed performance, sometimes good, sometimes bad, in the final votes. I didn’t lost this attitude entirely, I’m still lazy, but way less […]

get what you want

Sometimes  it may happen that you get what you request. While it seems obvious that you’re the winning side, this doesn’t always translate to that.  In fact, long term consequences are far from what you expected. It’s like when we, as humanity, try to take decisions on what’s best for nature. Which species should survive […]

the unexpected behaviour

Today my girlfriend called a call center, and something went wrong. Something she didn’t expect. The natural consequence was that she was angry because of this. But why is that? She had an expectation that was broken, not because of her but because of “the system”. and the system didn’t allow her to behave like […]

running together

I have to admit that I didn’t value that much running, let alone running together, but I have to say it: it’s great. Great, but not for the reasons you might think. Right now many people run, and what often happens is that they get a couple of experiences through running. One of them is […]

the conspiration against you

There will come a time when a sequence of actions made by the people around you will look like they are conspiring against you. That you won’t get the right attention. You’re just unlucky. That’s it. No other reason behind it, no one is going against your tide, even if it seems, even if it […]

planning a trip

We’re planning our DIY honeymoon in chile and what blocked me the most are distances. Chile is soo damn big that it’s hard to plan a trip in that country. Planning for arrival and departures given that a bus can incur in any kind of issue, problem whatsoever.  It was way easier planning a trip […]

the cleanest way to hide

Yesterday I put a collegue under a bit more pressure mostly because I needed her to realize the value of everyone in the team. I talked first with her, then with other people to shed some light onto this issue. Then at the end of the day I noticed that she was keeping some distance […]

learning to run

These days we’re testing out C25K, a method to learn how to run 5km without stopping. I’m not a runner, but I have to admit that each time I tried, I failed 😀 I have the right muscles but I break easily. Probably because my joints don’t keep up with muscles. That said, this method […]

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