black friday crazyness and the issue with getting into the right box

Today is the black friday, a day made for spending money. People all over the world wait for this day so spend a loooot of money. But to me this black friday was different. I used it to unsubscribe to all newsletters. And it was magic. Because during black friday eveyrone is doing some sort […]

urgent tasks are unicorns

What is a urgent task? It’s a task that cannot be postponed, an action that requires your full attention right here right now. No delay allowed. It’s something you must take care of now, not tomorrow, not in a five minutes. Now. It might happen though that we think some tasks are urgent.  Maybe ’cause […]

advice through questions

One of the hardest thing when people ask your advice is to truly find a way to help them. When someone comes to you and wants an advice more often than not they do this because they miss some pieces of the puzzle. They lack information or realization of that information, meaning they need to […]

the courage to do

It’s easy to blame, to consider the obstacles, to talk about how hard life is. It’s harder to live it, to change it, to work in spite of everything, to show up and have the courage to do your thing. Each day, ignoring each wall, each problem, finding a workaround to all the madness, the […]

cheap and easy

There are things you can buy for cheap that are worth more and things that you buy for cheap that seems to be cheap, but they are in fact more expensive than others. It’s hard to realize which one belongs to the right category, the only way is to test, even the common, even the […]

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