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the promises you break

Today I made some children unhappy, not because I wanted to but because I was unable to keep a promise.

I don’t have excuses, in my mind I told them that we could play after dinner, but in the end it didn’t happen.
I gave them my excuses, but I know it won’t be enough, and that’s the beauty of kids.
They take your promises seriously.

Something that we, as grown up, forget.
We are so used to lying, to fake promises, to the social mask that allows us to promise the world while not having any downside, that it’s so beautiful to see a kid being angry because we didn’t kept our promises.

They value our words much more than us and this should light a bulb in our heads.

what is a wedding

I’m preparing for my first (and I hope last :D) wedding. 

A wedding is first of all a bond that you decide to make with another person, secondly a wedding is a party that you want to throw. You want to make a party you’ll remember, a party that’ll stay in your memories for a long time.

To get there there is a lot of stress, useless products you buy and test, lots of trial and error.
I think the whole wedding can and should be simpler, but it’s hard to not fall into the usual traps.
Some things are not important, other are trivials, and it’s quite easy in the midst of the war to mix the two categories.

planning your time

While preparing my wedding I realized that people infer time in many different ways.

When you think about “ok, I’ve got to do 150 presents for the guests” each person will think of a different time, some might say days, some hours, some might even think it takes weeks.

What I found out is that I got a good sense of how much time it takes to do things, and in cases like this I wonder how much my job as software developer has to do with this skill.

The ability to understand the time it takes to do a task and repeat it, adding some error, relax time, etc. Maybe it’s just that I know my times, maybe I’m starting to get a hold of new information.

What it also made clear is that planning is useless until you also do something.
Each time, each day. This will make the change and the difference.