snowy winter night

Feb 28, tomorrow seems like italy will be invaded by snow. I was going to work this morning and the temperature at my departure was -7°C, low, cold, freezing cold. While driving to work the temperature changed a lot, going up to -4 and down to -6, stabilizing at around -5 when I got there. […]

don’t look at the results

A coworker today shared a great article he wrote. A long article, I’d say. My first reaction was: How the hell did he find the time to write this long piece? I was speechless, I thought he’d surely sacrifice his time with his family to do this. Coming back home I gave it some more […]

don’t tell anyone

One of the best way to achieve a goal is to hide it from the world. There are many reasons behind this idea, the most obvious is the fact that people might lower your enthusiasm, expectations or whatever, lowering, de facto, your possibilities of success. But also they might do other things, like adding complexity. […]

each wrong step counts

A life without errors would be awesome. I would sure sign for it. You would even lose the need to meditate, since there will be no errors and troubles whatsoever. Yet, we can’t have it all and eventually we’ll take a wrong turn, put our foot in the wrong position, make the wrong choice. It’s […]

it’s all in the experience

Lately I am thinking about moving onto bluetooth for music listening and call answer, but I am always blocked on what to do or choose. I love products made by apple, but I didn’t consider the airpods to be an option. Too high priced, not necessarely so good, bla bla bla. I started looking at […]

there is no such thing as perfect knowledge

I consider myself a fairly knowledgeable person. I know lots of things, but I also am aware that I’m absolutely ignorant about many topics. I also analyze information slowly, so I suck at giving great fast answers. I need to think and evaluate the situations, if I don’t, I choose the wrong solution. Even though […]

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