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Day: February 23, 2018

don’t tell anyone

One of the best way to achieve a goal is to hide it from the world.

There are many reasons behind this idea, the most obvious is the fact that people might lower your enthusiasm, expectations or whatever, lowering, de facto, your possibilities of success.

But also they might do other things, like adding complexity.
For example you might have a great idea, which will be great.
Many great ideas will start with project that are terrible, if you listen to one of the first 99% invisible podcast you’ll realize how bad it was, compared to the quality it has now.
It has become so populare in spite of it becase the underlying idea was good.
If they tried adding more quality and complexity to begin with maybe they wouldn’t have been able to keep up with the rythmn and they would have stopped gaining track.

Or what if a friend add some pressure because they have such high expectations for your project?
A project should be like a plant. It should grow at its own rate, taking what’s needed, without trying to be more.