finding a cure

Lately I’m having tinnitus more often than not. Today seems like a normal, constant, sound of my life. What’s even more worrying is that I can’t fix it.  A doctor goes through many phases to understand and cure a patient. First of all he guess, based on the information the patient gave him, and, if […]

don’t be scared of changing

The title is misleading, I’m not talking about self-help, but more of a business oriented application of the “Don’t be scared of changing” rule. Right now with my company we’re finding some issues with our shipment partner. Not easy to integrate with, some orders are a mess, so all in all, there’s something missing. At […]

high stress performer, low stress performer

One thing I’m quite sure of is that we’re not all created equals, we have different goals, and often our skills are defined by our talent, or what we decide to follow as our main passion. Thus it’s normal to see that after a few decades in this world, the outcomes and the personalities of […]


You had an idea that seemed good, you followed your instincts and decided to build a product, make it out of nothing. You refined that idea, till you put it on the market and one person doesn’t like it. It might be the start of a more expanded opinion, or it might be a single […]

where does stress comes from?

I have a friend that’s really stressed, overwhelmed. Today I asked where does his stress comes from. I would expect to be a boss that is too hard on him, or maybe too much work, but after some time listening to the possible answers I realized: Stress is part of our inner narrative. Yes, there […]

boring work

What is the purpose of work? Is it to improve lifes, to make a change? To pay the bills? I’d say the last, although when work can be more it’s absolutely beneficial. It doesn’t have to be that way though. It’s ok if work is boring as long as it pays the bills. We often […]

let me invest in you

I’m an avid reader of hacker news, a place where developer and techies come together to discuss, confront, and show off, about tech topics of the most various genre.  It’s a great community, aside from the fact that many of the projects backed by ycombinator are, obviously, startups. I’m not a big fan of startups, […]

asking a favor on the internet

Asking a favor is such a simple thing. In real life you would head to the person and ask it, if it’s a small favor. If it’s a critical favor, one you depend on, you usually need to add a lot more context, to explain why is this important and how it’ll change your life. […]

stepping back

A dear friend of mine decided to work less, as I did many years ago. Not because of status, but for his own sake. Working less means making space, defining priorities in life, stepping back from what’s not important. It requires courage, because staying in the game is much more comfortable than stepping back, because […]

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