the lite version of everything

Right now, mostly on Android, we’re seeing the rise of “Facebook Lite”, “Twitter lite”. Aside from this, PWA are becoming some sort of thing I might be interested in, mostly because I hate checking out an app and having it use space. I wonder: what would have been, if the lite version was their priority […]

the top position

The net doesn’t grow old like you do. Maybe you entered in the world of internet 20 years ago, and in these 20 years you matured, you learned the etiquette, you started defining an opinion about what’s good and bed on the internet what should be done and what could be avoided. This growth that […]

a day in another office

I work for a company that has 4 offices in the same building. These offices are splitted among skills, not teams, so they are highly specialized. I’m in the dev’s office, and although crowded, I like it.  This week though I decided to work from the Project Managers office. Why? When someone heads over to […]

learning path

What’s your learning path? We live in a constantly changing world, what are you going to do? How do you plan to adapt, to increase your skills? Some jobs are naturally bounded to learning, some more than others, while some jobs are more prone to relaxing. You do what you do because the business pressure […]

no reviews left

We live in a world saturated with reviews, sometimes I feel like I can’t choose anything without a review. Sure, they’re somewhat helpful if you remove the paid reviews, but yet, didn’t you tried something with no review? I was thinking that I have a small passion for shaving “old style” and I somewhat introduced […]

nasty bugs and the scientific method

Today I found and fixed a really nasty bug, one that was difficult to find. Before me, 4 different people were contacted. These people were internal employee of the company  having the bug, while I was an outside consultant. Now, if this seems like I’m bragging, fear not, I hate this.  I hate this because […]

The difference between an aspirin and the help from a chiropractor

Your back hurts, you can’t move freely. Suddenly you watch tv and here it goes, the solution to everything. Take some aspirin and the pain is gone. It’s true, but the pain will soon appear again, in the future. Because you didn’t fix the problem, you fixed the symptom. This way of thinking goes well […]

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