In japanese there is a word that means “foreigner”, a person that does not belong to this place. It’s Gaijin, and if you will ever happen to stay in japan for a long long time (like 10 years), chances are you might still be called gaijin, because you will still be gaijin. The curious thing […]

how to raise an argument

Let’s say you felt betrayed by a friend and now you both hate each other, how do you manage that? You might try to ignore it, fake the relationship, or think about how to fix it. Maybe you won’t be able to fix the issue with him/her, but at least having such desire is a […]

jungle rules

I truly believe that we should all either survive to our problems or die by them. I do try my best to help people around me, but in the end it’s clear that we should all take on our problems, face them, and fix our lives. There are no shortcuts, no easy ways. It’s just […]

what death leaves us

There are a hundred ways to both act in death and react to death. What will happen at your funeral? Will it be joyful or sad. Will it give people a chance to think about their future or simply leave with no message? There’s a lot behind a death, a person leaves an empty space […]

a cat understands only the now

They don’t have a past, they can’t link situations in the way we do, nor they do care about the future. Cats only live the present. Which is nice because when you want them to learn something you have to do it “now”. You can’t blame them if they do something wrong and you’re not […]

your recovery time

Healing takes time, and often the small changes that will make a big impact on your life, can’t reveal themselves instantly. They take time to build, time to heal, to change. I recently undergo a surgery at my nose, to breath better, and guess what? I still can’t breath properly because the surgery left a […]

we don’t need you

We don’t need your presence when we’re sick, we don’t need your comfort when we’re sad, we don’t need your help when we’re building our ikea table, we don’t need your suggestion when we’re facing a problem. We might need some presence when we’re sick, but we don’t need it from anyone. We need it […]

that angry man and you

Open Space office, around 20 to 40 people. A single man is shouting, directing his rage towards someone, possibly on the phone or with a silent employee. He’s loud, very loud.  Anyone can hear his voice in the big open space, and many of them are smiling, like if this situation is a bit extreme, […]

testing IRL

Testing in real life isn’t much different from the one you do in labs. The goal is to simplify the variables so taking out or adding one makes a difference in the system. That’s it. Then you have to figure out why

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