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Day: May 18, 2018

what death leaves us

There are a hundred ways to both act in death and react to death.

What will happen at your funeral? Will it be joyful or sad. Will it give people a chance to think about their future or simply leave with no message?

There’s a lot behind a death, a person leaves an empty space yet if they’re lucky enough they can leave something behind, something more than that void.

My mind goes directly to the father of a dear friend that to me left one of the most memorable marks in my life.
He was a great man, a man that everyone loved, joyful but without excesses. He was great, really.

On his funeral I think he asked his dearest son to remember everyone that even though we parted ways with him that we should not sadden. He left a gift at the exit of the church for the people attending the funeral.

It was amazing.

Today I was at a different funeral, and there was no such message, and in those moments I wonder: What’s the gift that we plan to leave at our funeral?
What’s the message, the ideal?

None or something?