we’re a mess

You might end up thinking that you are a mess, that there is no way to fix you. You have too many problems, issues. You overreact, can’t manage anger, don’t earn enough money, have a terrible job, have health issue with teeth and knees and so on. You might even make a list and the […]

social interaction advertising

Are you part of the advertising or not? In the past we often thought about this very topic: Are we the product? The question was born on products like google, facebook, twitter, where by not paying a dime you were wondering: how do they make money? The answer was (and still is) that they sold […]

read the label

Lately I started reading labels to understand how a product (food or cosmetic) is made, what are its ingredients. If you do, you’ll start to notice the difference between the claim and the reality. For example there are foods “High in fiber” that contains around 3% in fiber, while other contains 20% (yeah, you read […]

the mask

Yesterday I was at a concert of a famous “Cartoon songs” singer, it was full of people of all ages, many of them around my age. One thing I instantly noted is how different men behave from women. They only sung “male” songs, they jumped only on that and so on. This might seem obvious […]

pitfalls of happiness

Today¬†Anthony Bourdain killed himself and a dear friend of mine asked (on facebook), what is that can makes us be happy? It’s a tough question and it’s easy to dismiss it as “money can’t buy happiness”. Truth is, happiness has many pitfalls, the main one is that there exist a definite image of happiness, the […]

judgement vs understanding

“He doesn’t care about me, he didn’t think about it at all” This contains a judgement. “He didn’t think about calling me, I wonder why. Maybe he was busy?” this contains some facts and a question. While they might seems the same, they are quite different, both in terms of how they respond, and how […]

making the pain go away

In work, there is the concept of important and urgent. Important is something that makes the difference, now or in the long term, urgent is something that requires your attention. Important is quiet but decisive, urgent is noisy and static. Today a collegue wrote me because one of our customer was literally shouting shit at […]

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