looking at mars

These days mars is more red, luminous than ever. Probably because of the distance from earth. We were lying on our bed, looking at the red planet, her body defined by the shy lights of the city, defining her borders in the night. In days like this I wonder: Will we have the chance to […]

less work

To have a company that will work well when you can’t be there you have to design as many workflow and automations possible. You have to remove yourself from the variables, from the parts of the engine that are required to work. You must become the captain that leads the way in the dark times, […]

the world and the zone

Being a developer has a lot of benefits and a lot of drawbacks. The first drawback being the fact that we see the entire world as a problem with solutions to fix it. We are bugfinders in all of our lives, we tend to find bugs and fixes or workarounds. Obviously this pisses some people […]

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