perception of good

How can you convey the perception of good work even when the work is invisible? You can’t. If it’s invisible it’ll stay that way, there’s no way we can show that value if we’re not showing it off. We can either unveil it or market the benefits. There’s no way around it.You either empower that […]

I told you so

There’s nothing more frustrating than hearing “I told you so”, but we should be happy about it because when we hear it we have a chance to learn. To discouver our flaws, our biases. Each time we hear an “I told you so” there’s an unknown bias that we have the chance to discover and […]

the other side

It’s easy to live your life as a continuous flow of events that belong to your life. Worrying about what happens to you, where to put your things, etc. It’s another story to entertwine those things, to live your life as a mix of other’s lives, worrying about what happens to you both, etc.

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