perception of good

How can you convey the perception of good work even when the work is invisible? You can’t. If it’s invisible it’ll stay that way, there’s no way we can show that value if we’re not showing it off. We can either unveil it or market the benefits. There’s no way around it.You either empower that […]


There will come days when you won’t have something to say, to write, to improve. Days when there doesn’t seem to be a hope. But there’s always a way.You can find words, ideas, in each day of your life, but to do that you have to stick with it even if you don’t believe it. […]

accept the wrong solution

It happens. You work so much but you seems stuck into a maze. No solution on the horizon to be found. What to do then? You could continue searching for it, but there’s a fine line between success and failure, between understanding when’s the right time to quit. That decision is part of your job. […]

should we be useful?

There’s a gap in our mind.A gap between our expectations and reality, a gap that talks about the way we expect our place in the world to be. A dear friend of mine talked to me about the fact that he feels useless in his daily job. I didn’t agree at all, knowing his efforts […]

I told you so

There’s nothing more frustrating than hearing “I told you so”, but we should be happy about it because when we hear it we have a chance to learn. To discouver our flaws, our biases. Each time we hear an “I told you so” there’s an unknown bias that we have the chance to discover and […]

the beauty is in the eyes

“You don’t dress like you used to”. These words might come out when talking about how you were dressing when you were single. Your wife might even think this. Dressing was a form of love, get laid, or even a form of trying to get some more attention. To her this was a way to […]

the other side

It’s easy to live your life as a continuous flow of events that belong to your life. Worrying about what happens to you, where to put your things, etc. It’s another story to entertwine those things, to live your life as a mix of other’s lives, worrying about what happens to you both, etc.

if it can’t be shared, it’s not worth it

It’s painful to see so many big companies asking to share posts, as if sharing would make it spread.A big company has more money, can have a bigger plan, yet we see such amateurs sharing posts.An idea can spread only if worthwhile. An idea is like any other product: It works if it’s good and […]

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