failure is not an option

Read any self help book, watch any motivation video, read inspiring biographies and you’ll soon discover a trait among those people. They didn’t surrender. Failure, for them, was not a viable solution. They couldn’t accept it, so they continued their work until it made a difference. It’s normal to admire such dedication, to be mesmerized […]

last in, first listened

That’s a sad truth, we’re more likely to listening to a new person we don’t know very much than an old friend. His/her advices might be more well received than our friends, but why is that? It’s not that the friend becomes instantly useless.But we are less inclined to listen to him. There’s prejudice, we […]

shiny and pricey doesn’t equate quality

I’ve been to pitti fragrance today, and one thing I learned is that we can be easily fooled. Fooled by packaging, fooled by stories and narrations, fooled by nice people.  Shiny things, pricey things, don’t always mean quality. They some times show a great skill (marketing) but hide a mediocre product.  To have success, you […]

changing the routine

We should not fear a routine change, a habit to abandon. We do change and as such we should adapt, improve, relearn and install new habits. Testing them even though you’re not 100% sure about the benefits or the outcome, just for the sake of understanding them. Because the only way to understand something is […]

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