be kind

Kindness is often underrated and overrated. Overrated because you might be fooled into thinking that it can solve every problem in the world, but no, it won’t happen.You might do your best to be kind, do have empathy with someone and he or she might still treat you bad. But it’s also underrated because we […]

the comfort zone

There was this online course for wantepreneurs that tried to teach you how to get out of the comfort zone. To do that, one exercise was to go into a bar, ask for something that was relatively cheap (a small drink, whatever) and then asking for a discount. We don’t usually do this, right? And […]

choose your words wisely

I was in the waiting room of our doctor and there was this man in his fourthies that kept talking. At first he tried to help the old women that were trying to get their medicines from the doctor, in other cases he was trying to work like a policeman in the middle of the […]

changing the system and influence decisions. On becoming a problem solver.

It’s amazing how we all need some reminders from time to time of what it’s “the path”, the way to follow, the goal. Often we find ourselves trapped in work situations where we would like to improve an efficient process, yet we feel we don’t have the power to influence that process. No matter what, […]

fixing your bike

Do you know how to fix your bike? Of course not (unless you’re a biker). If someone would tell you to fix your bike today, would you be able to do it? I don’t think so. But if you started learning how to fix it, reading, working each and every day in perfecting the skill […]

I’d love to be a farmer

It’s what every developer would say. It’s what a marketer might tell you. Doing a simple job, repeat it each day of his/her life. Yet they don’t change jobs, even though they’re much more skilled than what’s required to work at mac donalds or lend a hand in a farm. And that’s a good thing, […]

you’re a marketer

If yoou’re a software developer you need to market your skills. If you’re a team leader you need to market your goals, if you’re a product manager you need to market your product. You will always need to market your ideas, no matter what field you’re in. Marketing meant as a way to convince people, […]

the courage to open a shop

Today a friend opened a street food bar in our city center. As both employee and enterpreneur I cannot stop thinking of how big the leap of opening a shop is. It’s a total leap of faith. To me, building a business, was only a matter of testing and refining. Once I got people that […]

forgotten priorities

What is our top priority today? Buying an iphone, having a raise at work, being rich, being famous? They all seems plausible but in the end we forget that our main goal in life is to live life itself. Money, fame, work, they will all pass by. What stays is our life until it ends. […]

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