how to write a cold sale email

This is a short howto in case you’re wondering how to get the attention from a person you don’t know. Let’s say you want to engage with a popular youtuber to publicize some of your products. Usually what happens is this: You write an email to the youtuber asking please help me bla bla bla. […]

work-life balance

What is work life balance? For some people it means that at 5pm you go home. But would that be enough? Work life balance is much more than that.It represents how much your work is intertwined with your life. Let me share an example: You come home at 6 pm, everything is fine.But then your […]

it’s your damn job

It happens, you get stressed, a little bit depressed.Suddenly the job you love so much doesn’t seem so appealing. You start wondering: What should I do? Should I leave? Maybe it’s time to switch jobs, maybe this is not for me, it’s not the right time. We all got to that point, I did multiple […]

don’t ask others to do your work

There are many many ways to delegate work. For example one common thing is that when we got more responsibilities we stop delegating, instead we abdicate. The main difference between the two options is that when we Abdicate we’re simply handing over the task to do without any added value, nor help. It’s like when […]

can you do it?

There was a story along these lines that I always loved: A man goes talking to a big Hotel and ask the owner if they would have the space for an event. The owner promptly replied “yes”, then the man asked if they have a place big enough to accomodate 1000 people.  The owner confirmed, […]

public congratulations, private criticism

I will always remember one time when I saw a dear friend of mine being humiliated in front of other people in a discussion. I remember the other person was angry, furious, and made him look like a stupid. I felt bad for my friend, but more than that I felt bad for him when […]

never let fear decide

Shit happens, a choice you made caused a hell of consequences. You’re panicking, you don’t know what to do. A client calls you angry because something isn’t working. What do you do? Fear will tell you to fix the issue fast, to let the pain disappear as fast as possible so that you can go […]

what makes icecream magical?

Did you ever wondered what makes a product special? It’s the little things the experience, the idea that the product itself has another hidden story that unveils while you use it. The “serendipity” effect. It took me years to realize how much serendipity is in a single commercial ice cream. Think about it, what’s the […]

the adaptive business plan

What’s a business plan? It’s an idea, a goal, a destination to reach. It means you have an idea of where you’re going and how to get there, what steps are needed to grow and to become the company you want to become. A business plan, per se, is not adaptable, it’s not flexible. It […]

the illusion of growth

Did you ever thought a book would change your life and it didnt? Did you ever thought a book wouldn’t change your life and it did change it instead? We’re guided by our needs by our vision. But what we want doesn’t always means that’s what we need. Sometimes what we need is different, it’s […]

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